Public liability insurance for Investment Banker

Liability Insurance for Investment Banker

As an investment banker you will be aware that your actions during the course of your work can lead to legal action against yourself or your company by the public for your negligence should something go wrong. With the launch of many new ‘no win no fee’ legal companies the chances of litigation are ever increasing. You will no doubt be aware that public liability insurance is not a legal demand (as yet) but by reading this short introduction into public liability insurance for the investment banking industry; you are already putting yourself and your business in front of your competitors by taking the time to cover your public liability.

As you will be aware, if you have employees then there is a chance they might hold you liable for incidents which occur while they are working for you, for instance if they were to fall of a ladder and injured themselves then they may try and hold you legally liable and without a employers liability insurance policy (legal requirement if you have any employees) you could end up having to pay their claim out of your own pocket which ultimately could bankrupt you. If you only use bona-fide sub contractors which work under their own direction and supply their own materials then you usually wont need employers liability cover for investment banker.