Public liability insurance for Channel Islands

Liability Insurance for Channel Islands

We highly recommend that you consider initiating a public liability insurance policy if you are working in the channel islands before you begin the work since failure to have a policy in place leaves you open to liability claims which could have a very large effect on your business to the extent of bankruptcy. Having a public liability insurance policy in allows you to free up capital that would otherwise be retained for legal expenses to cover any liability claims which may be made against you. For the small cost of a public liability insurance policy it makes no sense not to have one as that could put you in danger of having to front the full cost of any claim made against you out of your own pocket.

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have any employees and to trade without one is a criminal offence, regardless of how often they work for you. Failure to have a policy in place could result in a fine, a custodial sentence or never being allowed to be a director of a company again. An employers liability insurance policy for working in the channel islands would usually cover you for (among other things) employees who hold you liable for an injury which occurred while working under your direction or with your materials. This is required by law as in the case of an employee suffering either injury or death whilst working under your direction would mean that you could be held liable for this.