Public Liability Insurance for Carpet Fitters

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Ashburnham Insurance provide comprehensive public liability insurance cover for all types of carpet fitters including wall-to-wall carpeting, spike and gripper fitting, matting and underlay installation.

Why Carpet Fitters need liability insurance

As a carpet fitter, you will be visiting all different clients, catering to their carpeting needs. You may not think that anything could go wrong laying a carpet or rug but forgetting to pick up your knee kicker when a customer trips, breaking their wrist is just one example of a claim that could be made against you. This is why public liability insurance is vital.

Public liability insurance for carpet fitters is not a compulsory cover but highly important to ensure your business’ survival. It acts as protection for you from the cost of any unexpected incidents that carpet fitters could be liable for, which could result in damaging financial problems.

Common types of claims

  • Forgetting to turn of a seaming iron, a fire breaks out, causing extensive damage
  • You leave your dolphin knife behind and a child picks it up, cutting their hand
  • Some grippers are left exposed and your customer injures their feet on them

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommend that you certainly consider having it. Furthermore, if you have employees, you may wish to consider Employers Liability to provide compensation in the event of them being injured or causing damage.

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