Public Liability Insurance for Agricultural Contractors

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Ashburnham Insurance provide low cost public liability insurance for all types of agricultural contractors. We specialise in cover for combining, baling, weed spraying, ploughing and agricultural drilling work to name but a few.

Why Agricultural Contractors need liability insurance

An agricultural contractor helps farmers with all different aspects of farming, from planting seeds and crops ready for harvesting later and laying grass to weed spraying and fertiliser spreading. This is a high-risk trade where accidents can happen. Maybe you are cultivating a field when one day you go through a pipe, causing extensive damage. This is why public liability insurance is vital.

You could also be working on a farm using a combine harvester or equipment to plough the land. Whatever you are doing, public liability insurance will provide you with the protection needed from claims against you. Public liability insurance for agricultural contractors is not compulsory but essential to ensure your business’ survival.

Common types of claims

  • You leave a piece of metal on the ground after doing plant repair, causing someone to trip and injure their leg
  • An employee could simply fall off a tractor when it tips and lands on their leg, causing them to lose it
  • An employee traps their hand in machinery when making a straw/hay bale and can no longer work

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommends that you certainly consider having it. Furthermore, if you have valuable equipment, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide compensation in the event of them being stolen.

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Public Liability Insurance for Agricultural Contractors

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