Liability Insurance Documents

Here you will find some of the main documents relating to the Public Liability Insurance products that we offer. The documentation below includes policy wordings, which is a book giving full details and information of the product in question, and key facts documents, which provide a summary of the insurance cover. Please refer to your quotation, policy schedule or correspondence from us to find out which document applies to you.


Having Trouble?

If you are in doubt, or are unable to find the documentation relating to your specific product then please contact us so we can assist you. If you are having trouble opening PDF documents then Download Adobe Reader.


Please note that insurers regularly amend their documentation so there is no guarantee that the above documents are the very latest available. We will of course endeavour to update this list whenever possible but these documents should therefore only be used as a guide and if you require confirmation of coverage, of any other aspect of a policy we offer, then get in touch with us.

Think Before You Print

Some of these documents are several pages long so please consider the environment before you print them or any other document. In most cases you can simply download the document to your computer or save it to a storage device of your choice for viewing at a later date. Alternatively you could bookmark our insurance documents page for future reference.