Insurance Proof

If you have an insurance policy with us, we can provide you with a free logo to add to your website as proof of insurance cover with Ashburnham Insurance. This can be extremely handy if, for example, you are a tradesman who needs to show insurance proof to your customers on your website. The logo is provided in simple “copy and paste” code to put on your website and can be done in a matter of seconds.

Personalised Logo

As you have insurance with us, we have generated the following personalised logo for you to use. Next to the logo is the HTML code you need to place on your website. If you need any assistance with getting this onto your website then do not hesitate to contact us at

Public Indemnity Insurance

Public Indemnity Insurance for Caterers via Ashburnham Insurance

Peter Stern Catering is covered for:

Public Liability Insurance: £10,000,000

Employers Liability Insurance: £10,000,000

If you would like something a bit different then please complete the form below with your comments and we will send you a customised logo free of charge.

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You may only use the logos provided while you hold a current insurance policy with us. If you use a custom logo and make an alteration to your policy that affects the information shown on the logo, you must apply for a new logo which will be sent to you to replace the current one. If your policy is cancelled or expires then you must remove the logo from your website. The display of this logo does not mean you are covered and you should always use your policy documentation if you need to show proof of insurance cover to anyone.