One common problem with landlord insurance policies is cover for malicious damage by the tenant. Landlords will often assume it is covered until they come to claim and find out it is not standard with most insurers. Thankfully here at Ashburnham Insurance, most of our insurers include Malicious Damage by the tenant as standard.

What is Malicious Damage by the Tenant cover?

Simply speaking, it is damage to your property caused by your tenant that was not classed as accidental. Examples of which could be your tenant purposely smashing windows or kicking holes in doors.

Am I Covered for Malicious Damage?

Almost every landlord insurance company will provide you with cover for malicious damage but most will then go on to exclude any malicious damage by the tenant. Ensure you read the policy wording carefully to see if you have adequate cover.

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Malicious Damage by the Tenant?

At the time of writing, Ashburnham Insurance deal with 8 leading UK landlord insurance companies and 7 of these include Malicious Damage by the Tenant cover in their standard policy at no extra cost.

Why Don’t Other Companies Have This Cover?

Well we can’t answer that question. All we can say is that most companies don’t provide the cover yet it is one of the most common types of claim on a landlord insurance policy. We would always encourage a landlord to have this cover even if you think you tenant would never do anything like that to your property because it does happen. Thankfully, we can give you this cover as standard with most of our insurers.