Public Liability Insurance for a Bricklayer

I’m a Bricklayer, do I need liability insurance?

Being a Bricklayer you will understand that there are many risks associated with the trade and as such it is crucial to have liability insurance in place.

What are some examples of possible liability claims for a Bricklayer?

  • Whilst working you accidentally damage a third parties property (e.g. you go into someone’s property and accidentally knock something over)
  • Whilst working you accidentally damage a third party (e.g. you leave a toolbox lying around and someone trips over it)

These are just two examples of what could quite easily happen in the day to day job of a Bricklayer. The costs for such liability claims can obviously be quite substantial which is why the indemnity limits for liability insurance are generally so high.

How much is will it cost for liability insurance for Bricklayer?

Generally speaking, liability insurance for a Bricklayer can be purchased through ourselves at very competitive rates whether its just public liability for yourself or if you have employees and need employers liability.

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